Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy, Rainy Day

That's right; another lazy, rainy, dreary day. But I just checked the weather for the next week and its going to be in the high 80's! Looks like we're finally going to have some summer-y weather around here.
There hasn't been a whole lot going on here..... I got a new cell phone last week, finally. Its shiny and blue. I love it.
Chris and I went to Ikea at the beginning of the week. I can just never seem to have enough storage space in my tiny bedroom (which also serves as a living room/studio/library/etc); so we went in search of a tall narrow bookcase (as opposed to the short, wide one I had already) and another dresser like the one I already have to give me some more drawer space. I had planned on getting a 4-drawer Malm dresser (the one I have has 3 drawers), but I found a 3-drawer one in the "as-is" section for only $56! The only thing that was wrong with it was one back corner had a chip in it. Fine by me! I deliberated for a while whether or not it would fit in my tiny car, since it was pre-assembled. We decided it probably would and went ahead and bought it. It didn't fit. After taking everything out of my car, and then the trunk, and no matter what we did, it just wouldn't fit. So I finally went back inside and asked to borrow a screwdriver, took it completely apart, put it in my car, and got ready to go. And then I remembered I didn't even buy my bookcase! So I ran back inside and got it. Chris was pretty grumpy by then, but he did try to help me put everything together once we got back home. I say he TRIED because mostly he was just in my way. Haha!
My plan today was to go out to the 'bungalow' (shed) in the backyard and go through some of my stuff, re-organize, throw out, etc. and then pack some of my extra stuff in my room out there. But of course the weather isn't very cooperative, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. At least I did go through all of my school papers, piles of mail, etc. and thin that out! I think (hope) tomorrow will be very productive, indeed!
Unfortunately I can't do anymore tonight; I have to work 4:30-9:00 tonight. What a ridiculous shift. Sigh.

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