Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Whale and the Sea

I doodled this the other night and I couldn't stop thinking about how lovely it would look on some crisp, white notecards. My big box of gocco supplies came in the mail today from this wonderful shop; so I set out to make a set of cards. Except.... the cardstock I had was a little too narrow and it kept messing up the master. Oh, and my gocco pen is running out of ink so the first master I made wasn't dark enough and looked horrible. Bleh. Oh well, I'm still new at this and I'm learning.

Anyway, I love this little whale so much, I searched frantically for something to print him all over. At last, I came up with an extra copy of The Old Man and the Sea (yes, I have multiple copies. It happens to be my favorite book). So I experimented with a few different color combinations, and this is what I came up with. I especially like the black with red coral.

I'd still really like to do a few prints on some notecards, but for now, these have kept me occupied for most of the afternoon. Both color combos are available in the shop.

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