Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hey everyone, thanks for sticking around while I was gone - it was a lovely, much-needed vacation, indeed.
I have so much to tell...where to begin? The past 2 weeks are just a blur!
First, I went to the Warped Tour with Lani and her brother Don, back on July 16. That feels like ages ago! It was really fun. There were tons of bands there that I had never heard of (Lani and her bro are rabid fans of hardcore and metal, so they brought me up to speed). I enjoyed myself, even if I didn't know many bands and haven't really listened to that kind of music in a long time. The best part was getting my Peta shirt. hehe. Silly me didn't take any pictures at the concert.
I came home the next day and worked, and then left the very next day for vacation. First, we went to my aunt's house in Norfolk, VA. We enjoyed the beach and went to the Virginia Zoo, which is just down the street from where my aunt lives.

The prairie dogs were so funny - the dome is a viewing area where people can stick their head up and see the prairie dogs up close - except this little guy wanted to give people a better view! It was so funny because people kept going into the dome, looking around, and didn't see the prairie dog sitting on top! We were trying to tell people to look up, but nobody saw him!

We stayed in Norfolk until Tuesday, when we left for the Outer Banks to meet up with my uncle and his family from Georgia. I had my own car, so I made a stop in Manteo where I used to live. The Manteo Waterfront is pretty much my favorite place in the entire world. Its just so beautiful and quaint.
I took a walk around the boardwalk...
...which leads to the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse (not a working lighthouse, but actually a boat-building museum), the cutest little lighthouse ever!
This sign cracked me up.
After stopping in a few of my favorite little boutiques at the Waterfront, I her south than we normally stay). Our cabin was called the Hummingbird, which I just loved. The campground was really nice, with access to the Sound (which was absolutely teeming with hermit crabs, which I just love!). It was also absolutely teeming with mosquitos, which was much less fun.

(Notice the 'foggy' quality of these was that humid.)

We grilled every day (veggie dogs for me!), and took the ferry down to Ocracoke. I still say I'm going to live there someday. We spent the whole day in Ocracoke on the beach, where I became quite tan [for me]. I think my freckles are just sort-of growing together, but I do look much darker! (Of course I wore TONS of sunscreen...I'm like the sunscreen police!). My two little 7 year old cousins were so funny. They didn't have bathing suits with them so they ripped off their clothes and jumped in the water with their super-hero underwear. It was hilarious.

I left a day before everyone else so I could go back to Annapolis and hang out with Lani another day, and kind of re-charge after so many days cramped in a cabin with my entire family. On the drive north, I just had to stop one more time and put my toes in the sand.
This little guy must be the Virginia Welcoming Committee....he was sitting on the gas pump at the Border Station (which had gas for $3.65!!).
In Annapolis, Lani and I did wayyy too much shopping (like always), but had a great time. I came home yesterday evening and unpacked, cleaned up my room, played with my dog (whom I missed very, very much!), and hung out with Chris for a while. All-in-all, it was a great vacation! Now I'm a little sad because it feels like summer is winding down, and it'll be back to school and the daily/weekly/constant grind.... but now my dad's talking about spending 2 weeks in Florida next summer! Awesome!
And now, I must get ready for work. It really is back to reality. Boo.

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  1. i'm glad you had fun on your long vacation! i LOVE the outer banks! i mis the beach...


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