Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Eatin'!

Broccoli from my garden!

Phew. After the past 2 weeks of being gone 99% of the time, there was NO FOOD left in the house. Literally. Especially since Chris came over every day to let the dogs out and feed the animals. We deliberately didn't go grocery shopping for a while before we left; and Chris ate what little food was actually left in the house.

So, last night after work I went grocery shopping! Weeee! I love grocery shopping! Isn't that silly? But seriously, I do. Especially since I decided to go full-blown Vegan over the past couple of weeks. Being vegetarian is so easy, it felt half-assed to not be Vegan. Of course, I did have to eat cheese twice while on vacation, but it was literally a matter of me either eating or passing out from starvation. But anyway, last night I went grocery shopping and got 3 canvas bags filled with awesome food. I'm super-excited because my mom is seriously considering going vegetarian, or at least trying to incorporate a lot more veg. food in her cooking (I always enjoyed her cooking but I pretty much cook for myself since I'm veg). I hope she goes for it!

Vegetarian/Vegan food really isn't expensive, either. With the prices of food rising so quickly, sometimes its even cheaper to buy the vegetarian substitute! Anway, a few extra pennies per package seems like a bargain to me.

So, on to the [main] points of this entry:

1. Being vegetarian/vegan is surprisingly easy! I found some really helpful guides on the Peta2 website, and this blog has great recipes!

2. You can grow your own food!

Picked these yesterday!


  1. So awesome!! :) You garden goodies look so yummy! I'm glad you had fun grocery shopping!

  2. I love grocery shopping too....


    I want some broccoli from your garden!


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