Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy morning!

I went out to my garden this morning and startled this little guy out of his hiding place in my chocolate-mint jungle. I'm quite sure he's the same little bunny I've startled out of the mint just about every day now. He's not nibbling on it - I checked. He's actually made a little bed right in the middle of it! What a delicious-smelling little nook!

I can't wait until I have some yummy summer squash growing! For now I'll have to settle for these pretty blooms.
Another tiny visitor in my garden. This one is on my pepper plant.
See, I knew I had velvety-red lilies in the sandbox-garden! He just bloomed today!
And just look at this flamboyant fellow! This one is growing in the lily-half of my little flower garden (not the sandbox garden). My grandma and I got 4 different varieties of lilies from an old woman who let us dig them up from her yard last year. I wasn't sure if they were going to come back, but they surely did! 3 of the varieties have bloomed...I'm still waiting for my favorite, a beautiful, light-pink, frilly one!

And now, the real reason for this post - exciting new things in the shop!

Framed gocco prints!

I also slashed some prices, changed/added pictures to some of the listings, and generally improved the look and feel of the shop (I think)!

Please stop by and have a look around!

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