Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hit the thrifting motherload today. I went with the original intention of finding things to stock the virtual shelves of my new shop of vintage items. Except....I fell in love with everything. And I'm keeping a lot. Not all of it. But....a lot.

Here's some of what's new in Quiet, Quiet:

And here are just a FEW of the things I'm keeping all for me, me, me:

I couldn't have found more perfect earrings if I had made them myself.

Leafy sweater-clips. I really was going to list these....I had the whole thing all typed up. But then I thought about all of the cardigans I wear in the fall and winter, and how much cuter they would be with these clipped to them, and....well, there you go.
I also found a globe lamp (like the planet Earth) that I'm really struggling with deciding whether or not to keep, 2 vintage dresses, and some other small things....
Oh! And I sold one of my Hemingway page gocco prints today! Hooray!


  1. Great finds!! I like that necklace! :) Very summery!

  2. that gocco print is so pretty! i'm so jealous! i have a gocoo but i haven't had time to figure it out!

    i love your etsy shop! i am in love! with that red ruffle on that dress? or top? anyway, it's so lovely and the color is amazing!

    love, al


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