Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday: reality

Ok, so I didn't go to any yard sales. The Arts & Crafts show at Caledonia wasn't at all what I had hoped for. Not to offend anyone, but every single vendor there was like, "country" crafts. That's fine, and everything, but..... what about those of us who just don't care for that look? That's just not my thing. So it was pretty disappointing to see table after table of cinnamon-scented snowman plaques that said things like, "I ♥ USA" (OK, that's a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea). That is the exact reason why I have not, as of yet, participated in any craft fairs. I just don't think I'd "fit in". Grr.

But, the whole day wasn't bad.... I went to a Goodwill that I don't get to go to very often and got some really awesome stuff. The girl at the counter laughed at me because I started out with a handbasket, and after about 10 minutes had to come back up front and trade it for an actual push-cart. I was like, "This is NOT funny. I have a PROBLEM". Haha. All-in-all, I spent a whopping $36, but man, did I get some good stuff. I'm in the process of up-cycling a few things, so I'll wait to show any pictures of my bounty until I'm done. Which reminds me, I need to make sure I get some spray paint tomorrow.....*note to self*

After I exhausted myself and my purse, I got in touch with the friend I had planned on meeting up with. She got tied up in work for the afternoon, but I did end up going over to her brand-new house that she just bought (closed the deal yesterday, woo hoo!) in the evening. Let me just say, her house is AWESOME. I am so, so jealous! ;) I wanted to give her a little "the-house-is-officially-yours" gift, and she loves plants; so I brought her some chocolate mint, lemon balm, a baby tomato plant that I found growing wild in my yard today (leftover from last year?), and a cilantro that sprang up from Chia seeds that I thought were dead. She already has some beautiful gardens growing in the yard and potted plants galore, but I think she liked the new additions. She's also very lucky to have another of our friends, Amanda, and her husband, living in 1/2 of the gigantic house. What a fun time! We had a girls' evening and went out for some Italian food, and then walked to the elementary school playground to swing for a while. It was a really nice time. I tend to go very long times without seeing many of my friends, because of busy schedules and whatnot, but its always such a nice feeling to know that you have really great friends, who will always be your friends.

And now, because I've talked too much, here is a picture of the pretty new teacups I've listed in the vintage shop today, along with a few other things. Take a peek!

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