Sunday, August 17, 2008

The 3 "F"s

To make a long story short, we went hiking in the woods near Chris' house this morning. We saw lots and lots of mushrooms....more kinds than I have ever seen before! I found lots of tiny little flowers and TONS of itsy bitsy little frogs and toads. I mean tons. They were everywhere, once we got into the deep, dark part of the woods. Of course, I couldn't resist picking most of them up for a photo op....
Anyway, on to the pictures!
First, Chris and I took a pictures on some rocks by the pond where the trail starts.
I thought this one looked like a cantaloupe!


Frogs (ok, mostly toads, but we're going with the "F" theme...):

This little guy was the first one I found.... I'm pretty sure he was a frog, not a toad. He was just built differently; smooth, sleek.... and he didn't puff himself up like toads do to look intimidating. Plus he was kind of sticky. Look how tiny!!
They got progressively bigger (and toadier) after that...
(Sheesh, sorry for all the froggy pictures.... I just really like them! They're so darn cute and tiny!)
I spotted this beetle when we sat down to have a rest, perched on a blade of grass... it was actually pretty big, at least an inch long. I like his antennae.

Perhaps the strangest thing we saw on the trail was this part of an old truck...? Who knows how long its been there. Its pretty trashed. (On a side note, the strangest thing we actually saw on the trail was a babydoll floating on a lilypad in the pond at the beginning of the trail. That was totally weird... but, you just never know, here in Pennsyltucky. There were also lots of shotgun shells all over parts of the trail, so there ya go.)

We couldn't have asked for better weather!
Deer prints!

After hiking, we changed clothes and went to the theatre to see Tropic Thunder, which was absolutely hilarious (as long as you're not offended by the abundance of obscene language, as my aunt and sister were when they saw it last night). Ben Stiller is a genius. Tom Cruise is unbelievable, too. It was really, really funny. That's all I'll say.
Now, I'm going to eat some dinner and head down to Chris' house again so we can go to Starbucks later in the evening! A perfect ending to a perfect date-day!

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  1. oooh, I want to see that movie!

    and look at all those tiny frogs! cute overload would def appreciate those pictures, I'm sure.

    this post has aaaaawwwwwwwes all over it :)


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