Saturday, August 16, 2008

The "Veganizer" Strikes Again!

Lani, aka The Veganizer, aka Yoda...... (long story; trust me, you don't even WANT to know). Be careful - if you find yourself cornered in a dark alley by The Veganizer, she WILL Veganize you!!! (Or, if you're good at understanding Yoda-speak: "Veganize you, she will!")
Yeah. So please don't think we're totally insane. We just had too much 7-11 coffee at 10 o'clock at night, and we hadn't eaten in like a whole day because there were NO VEGAN OFFERINGS ANYWHERE at that beach. Seriously. Thank goodness we brought some tofurkey sandwiches and protein bars!!
On to the beach pictures:

This was the view from my beach towel. It was my first time visiting Ocean City, so I didn't really know what to make of it. Its very different from OBX, and very similar to Virginia Beach. I myself prefer secluded, quiet beaches strewn with seaweed and shells, but...hey, a beach is a beach. It was an all-around good time, for sure.

There were seagulls EVERYWHERE!

And for some reason, I was really impressed by the giant animatronic Jaws sticking out of Ripley's Believe It Or Not....especially the pigeon sitting on its back (look closely!). It was really funny; there was actually a pigeon sitting inside of the mouth at one point!We did a lot of walking on the boardwalk.... we parked at the Inlet (which is where the boardwalk begins) and Lani's aunt's hotel was at 17th street, so it was quite a ways. I think my favorite part of the boardwalk was just people-watching. You see all kinds of characters! Of course, we also enjoyed doing a bit of shopping. There really wasn't much that I wanted from boardwalk shops (and the surf shops are just too darn expensive!!); but we both got the same little tube-dress/cover-up with a geisha girl on it. Its really cute...and I got a pair of leggings that have like, tattoo designs on them. They're really flashy, but....well, sometimes I just feel flashy. Plus they have birds on them, so there you go.

We woke up super-early on Wednesday....5 a.m. to be exact; and were sitting on the beach by about 6:30. There was a big pod of dolphins (probably around 30 total!). They were in 4 separate little groups, but I'm sure they were one big pod. They were actually pretty close to the beach, eating....there was even a little baby one! He jumped out of the water and did little was so cute. We watched them for at least an hour, until they slowly made their way back out to sea. That was by far my favorite part of the trip.

We left the beach around 8:30, I think, and headed back to Annapolis. I was practically passed out from lack of sleep and food.... my arms started getting tingly and I just wanted to close my eyes. That's what happens when you're vegan and you don't have any food in your stomach! Bleh. Anyway, on the way home, a little yellow butterfly somehow got sucked into the car window and landed on my arm. He was stunned, so I cupped him in my hands for like, an hour and a half, until we got back to Lani's house and let him go. I felt really good about that. Plus, I imagine he's probably the world's most well-traveled butterfly.... probably the only butterfly to ever cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! Haha!

Of course, no trip to Annapolis is complete with spending wayyyyy too much time/money at the mall.... so, off we went. I was really good, though; and Lani was even better. I only got a few things, and Lani only bought one makeup item from Sephora. It was a very good trip for us! ;) I got a new bag for school, a shirt, and some new Urban Decay mineral makeup at Sephora.

So, that was my trip! It was so fun. I wish I lived closer to Annapolis. Lani and I always have so much fun! Although, I think if we lived closer together, we'd get ourselves in trouble (read: debt)! Haha!

Today is sort-of a 'regular' day..... I work The World's Most Pointless Shift (5-9 pm) today, so I have most of the day to take care of home-stuff. I spent last night at Chris' house; and we got up early this morning and had coffee/breakfast outside. That was really nice, but chilly.... what's up with that? Isn't August supposed to be the hottest month? The 'dog-days' of summer?? Two words. GLOBAL. WARMING.

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