Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pizza, Pizza!

So, last night I was really hungry for pizza. I found an easy-sounding pizza-from-scratch recipe in my new Beth Bee cookbook that I really wanted to try, but alas, I was out of tofu. Boo. So today after work I picked up some tofu and a few odds and ends for my pizza.
Let me just start out by saying that I have never really been much of a cook. I can prepare like a champ, but i just never got into cooking. Ever since I went vegetarian last October, and even more so now that I'm Vegan, I've been really getting into my cooking (also out of necessity!). Luckily, it seems that I'm a pretty decent chef!
The whole pizza was completely made from scratch: dough, 'cheese', and sauce. Oh yeah.

The 'cheese' is actually Tofu Basil 'Ricotta', which is seriously AMAZING. I used fresh basil leaves from my garden. The sauce is sort of my own mixture of tomato paste, diced tomatoes (canned), and spices because I didn't have any real pizza sauce, and I like to make things difficult.

I picked these fresh from my garden, too! I sliced up a few for the topping.

I made two small pizzas (one with broccoli, one without). Here's one pre-baking.

And here they both are, ready to be eaten!
What's the final verdict?

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