Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Suddenly, Fall.

Wow. I woke up this morning and its Fall. Well, not quite, but almost. It has been downright chilly around here these past few nights/mornings, and it doesn't warm up until late morning. I even saw some leaves starting to lose their color and fall around the college. It just seems so early.... is anyone else noticing the seasons changing earlier and earlier?

Anyway, I want to enjoy the remaining days of summer the best I can; so I've been going out to my garden every (tiny) chance I get. Also, on a side-note, I've recently observed THREE frogs in our pond now, not just two!
So, I promised I'd talk about school some more this evening. Since I posted this morning, I actually had to drop the Art History course that I had just added (in short: because I needed to fill a Lit. requirement, and the German Cinema course I had originally scheduled counted toward that, but the Art History course didn't). So I picked up "English 250: Introduction to Literature". Pretty basic-sounding. Except when I received the syllabus (via email from the prof, since I missed Monday's class), it turns out the course is actually about Race in Literature....race, as in skin color. Hmm. Its interesting, but not at all what I expected when I signed up for 'intro to lit". So, yeah. I like the prof. a lot. He's really....dead-pan. I don't know how else to describe him. But the course seems interesting so far, and he seems to know a lot about it, so it should be OK.
My favorite class so far is definitely Intro to Interdisciplinary Arts. My professor is awesome: he's a photographer for the Smithsonian (yes, the Smithsonian.); his daughter graduated from Harvard and is apparently, like, a genius; and his son lives in a Tibetan Buddhist monastary. Dr. Hirschon just got back from sabbatical in India, where he was making a documentary for the Smithsonian; and he wears Buddhist prayer beads around his neck. And, he looks like Santa Clause, only he's Jewish.....and a New Yorker. Awesome. Today we had a multi-session class (with 3 classes combined) and watched part of an awesome film, Akira Kurosawa's Dreams... so added to my Netflix queue!
I think this semester is going to be pretty good, as long as I can maximize efficiency in my time-managing.....which can be a struggle for me at times. Although, for the record, I've been getting up at 6:30 every morning even though I don't have class sometimes until 2:00. So I'm doing ok so far. My texts seem really dry, though, which may prove to be a hurdle for me. I just can't concentrate if a textbook is just too boring.....much like this blog entry is turning out to be! Sorry!


  1. your semester sounds amazing! your professors sound amazing! I'm jealous! too bad you had to drop your art history class....but that's just me. I'm doing an undergrad in a.h.

    good luck veronica! ♥ a

  2. oh, and it is turning fall here too...but only in the mornings and at night like you said. I like it but by midday it's hot and I usually have 2 layers on...not cool :)

  3. I was logged in under doug's blogger haha sorry for the confusion : /


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