Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys! I LOVE all of my classes this semester. My professors are all really cool, and quite funny. For example, my statistics prof. is a young guy (around 30?) who LOOOOVES ABBA (read: he's seen Mama Mia! on Broad FIFTEEN TIMES and the movie TWICE. Wow.), is a rollercoaster enthusiast, and a Parrothead. Oh, did I mention he's probably just a little bit gay? He's awesome. I'm so relieved, because its been 5 years since I had a math class...I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up in the class, but I think he'll make it interesting (to say the least).
I did drop one class, however: German Cinema. I'm so disappointed. I think I would have really liked the course, but the professor was terrible. She's German, which is fine and dandy, but the course is NOT taught in the German language (and has nothing to do with it, except for we'd only study German films. Not really sure why...?)......and she admittedly knows NOTHING about film. The first day of class, she handed out a list of term that we were supposed to 'guess at' what their definitions could be (?!?!). When we were going around and telling what we had come up with, she actually didn't know the correct answers!!!! OMG. So, yeah. I dropped that, and picked up Art History (awesome). But then I realized I needed to have an Arts course that would satisfy a Lit. requirement, so I then dropped Art History and picked up Intro to Lit (literally, like, this morning). So I have that class today at 2:00. So now I'm done messing with my schedule. Phew!
Now, I'm sorry, but I must go and do some reading for my classes today and today morning! I'll be back early this evening, so I'll tell more about school then.
See ya'll later!

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