Saturday, August 9, 2008


Party, that is.
My sisters' birthdays are in July and September, and they turned/are turning 18 and 16 (respectively) this year; so my parents decided to throw them a joint surprise party.
August seemed like a happy medium.

This is our yard, all set up for the party.
My mom made this giant poster of embarassing pictures of both of them. Ha.
We do love our bonfires...
And I think this is the best picture ever. My mom hung these balloons from some tree branches in the back yard.
My friend Lauren stopped by to keep me company; and now I'm kinda partied-out. I admit, I'm a bit of a party-pooper anyway. I feel a little blue because Chris is still out of town (having fun with his friends, which is good, but I still miss him). Bummer.
In other news, I got lots of compliments on the new 'do at work today... even my dad said it "looks better than it did yesterday", which is about as close to a compliment as I think I'll get out of him (oh, he-who-doesn't-like-short-hair).
I'm off work tomorrow, and I really, really, REALLY want to stick to my plan of having a PRODUCTIVE day. There are a few crafty things I want to work on; I need to go grocery shopping (read: I HAVE NOOOOOO FOOOOOOD); and I have some school business I should really take care of. Oi.

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  1. happy birthday sisters! cool bonfire :)

    And.......YES!!!! You totally need to read twilight!!! I'm already halfway through the second book! I keep reading it into the wee hours of the morning!!


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