Saturday, August 9, 2008


Let's, I work 10:30-5:30. Then there's something special going on here at the house in the evening (but I can't say what it is yet in case someone in the house reads this today!); and then... yeah, that's about it. I kind of want to make a few little bird bobby-pins later on. I have the supplies; its just scrounging up the motivation that's the problem.
Speaking of head-accessories, I've been drooling over these amazing nature-y crowns from Which Goose..... how awesome are these??
(images borrowed from her Etsy shop!)

I think I definitely need one of those to wear to the Rennaissance Faire, which begins at the end of this month....yayyyyy!
Now I just have to make some money so I can buy myself one of these...... so, hop on over to the shop and buy something! ;)

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