Friday, August 1, 2008

What I Did Today...

1. Drank coffee with my mom and watched The Today Show all morning. Then I made us some Tofu Scramble for breakfast (awesome!), since my mom is trying to incorporate more veg. food in her diet (yay!!).

2. Went out to my gardens and did some DESPERATELY NEEDED weeding. We're talking a mound of pulled-weeds about 2 feet high....seriously. Oh yeah, and I took some pictures of two new residents in our pond....
Look, a honey bee!
3. Made Chickpea "Meat"balls, using the recipe from Invincible Summer. They taste AWESOME, but they're really not very ball-like.... they don't really stay together very well. But seriously, they taste GREAT.

4. Still on a cooking kick, I tried a recipe for Vegan Cheesecake I found on I followed the directions exactly, and ended up with something more along the lines of Vegan Flan. Hmm. Its actually quite delicious, but definitely NOT cheesecake, in any way/shape/form. I really think the author of the recipe truly just accidentally typed 'cheesecake' instead of 'flan', because it looks, smells, and tastes exactly like it. So its back to the drawing board on the cheesecake thing. I did find another recipe (this one calls for Tofutti cream cheese instead of silken tofu, and no maple syrup, which is probably a good sign) so I guess I'll give that one a go in the near future.

5. Made a new banner for the shop and here in the blog. I think its my favorite one EVER.
6. Went to work for 4.5 hours....(ahem...waste of time!)
7. Came home, sang "Happy Birthday" to my dad (he was tired last night when he got home so he wanted to celebrate today instead), ate a piece of my flan-cake, and now, I think I shall go to bed.
Goodnight, friends!

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  1. oh, your really busy today! I love frogs too. Lucky to have a place to peek into their world.


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