Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm cranky today.

Grrr. I'm so cranky. I came home from school between classes because my stomach kind of hurts, its REALLY hot so I wanted to change clothes, and I have a few packages to mail out. I just checked my email and I have a message from the Amazon seller I ordered my Stat. book from... (back story: I bought the book, new, from the school bookstore for like $120. It came with this access-code thing that I wasn't 100% sure if I needed; so I also ordered a used copy online for only $50. Turns out I have to have the access code, and my used copy didn't include one. So I emailed the seller a few days ago to find out if they would accept a return....).......and he said no. But, oh-so-helpfully, he suggested that perhaps I could sell it on Amazon. Gee, thanks, buddy. He's like, "I really need to get rid of that book". Yeah. So do I, now. So, I just listed it in my Amazon shop. Mine is the lowest-priced, so hopefully it'll sell soon. That's $50 I could really use!
On a more positive note, I got a bunch of books I had to order for my Lit class today, so at least I don't have to worry about that. I'm supposed to read through pg. 25 of Frederick Douglass for tomorrow, and I just got the book today. Phew. That's me. Livin' life on the edge.
So... there's not really too much else going on around here. I have to go to the post office on my way back to school later; I've sold 4 zines in the past week! I'm really excited about that.
Now, I think I'm going to have a second lunch, straighten up my forever-messy room, and lay around for a bit. I hope everyone had a nice long-weekend and is having a happy Tuesday!

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