Monday, September 1, 2008

A Mostly-Productive Day

Wow. Its only a little after 4 o'clock and I've already had like 3 days' worth of productivity. Today is officially my last day off until about Thanksgiving....well, unless I actually REQUEST off from work, which is very probably not going to be happening, since I was interviewed yesterday for a supervisor position...more on that later.
I got up this morning and watched Penelope, which is officially my new favorite movie.

Seriously. And who doesn't want to marry James McAvoy? Umm...I know I do.

I digress. Anyway. After seeing Penelope's awesome wardrobe (see above), I was reminded that today would probably be my only chance to bring in some of my Fall clothes and put away some Summer clothes, etc, etc. That is really no easy undertaking, considering how extensive my wardrobe is, and how little my clothes-storage space is. But I did it. And I did it relatively quickly. So it is, when you have but one day to do what you need to do.

So I have all of my clothes in order. I always love switching my clothes around for the seasons... its like going shopping, without spending any money! I always find things that I forget that I have. I also put away a lot of other stuff that I need, but don't necessarily need 'out'... like, books I've read but don't want to get rid of, craft supplies that I won't be needing in the immediate future, etc. I like un-cluttering!

I got almost all of my homework for tomorrow done. The only thing left is to read my chapter for Psych, but I think I'm just going to do that tomorrow morning over breakfast. I concentrate better in the morning.

Chris and I ran down to WalMart to pick up an oil filter so my dad could change Chris' oil. We just had to stop at the Goodwill nearby, and I found a few pairs of earrings for myself and some new stuff for the Quiet. I'm especially excited about this E.T. Storybook. How awesome is this?!

This is in the shop, too!

So, that's pretty much what I've done today. I still need to come up with something for my youngest sister's birthday tomorrow. She's turning 16! Unbelievable. I have absolutely no idea what to get her... I was fully planning on taking her to the bigger, better Goodwill in Greencastle; but she's out with her boyfriend and won't be home until later this evening, so..... I really don't know what to do. She's really hard to buy for. She has a very similar style to mine, but she already has tons of clothes/shoes/makeup/purses/things...... so Goodwill was really my best bet. She loves the Goodwill anyway. I guess I'll just make her an I.O.U. for a trip to the Goodwill some other time. Hmm.

Oh, and my mom made Apple Streusel Cupcakes for Krista's birthday (we're celebrating tonight instead of tomorrow). She was so proud of herself because she made them with soymilk so I could have some, but then she remembered - oh yeah, there are eggs in them; and I checked the ingredients on the box, and...yeah. There's already milk in there. Mom's still not used to the whole 'vegan' thing. Haha.

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  1. ooh! ooh! I want to marry James McAvoy!! (raises hand...)


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