Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stupid weather.

Ok, I promise, I'll stop complaining about the weather.....after this post.
Right now its 65 (F) degrees in Shippensburg. Its even chillier here at my house, since I live in the mountains. And the high today? 92. NINETY-TWO! I have to leave here at 8:30, so obviously its still going to be chilly when I leave for school today. And then its going to get HOT. How on Earth am I supposed to dress?! Gah. I hate this stupid weather!
Ok. I'm done.
Next thing I want to complain about: I really, really, really don't want McCain to be our next presidency. No offense to anyone who likes McCain; I personally don't. We need some change. And this Palin chick.....hmmm...... she freaks me out. I think I'll leave the country if our next pres. is a Republican. Yeah, that's what I'll off to France, or Egypt, or perhaps a nice little cottage in the English countryside.....

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