Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worst week ever??

This could quite possibly be the worst week ever. Well, ok, not ever, but at least so far this semester. Let's see... I handed in a 12-page Psych. paper today. It was actually a group project (3 of us, all smart cookies, thank goodness!), but I did all of the editing and put our three separate parts into a cohesive paper....and I worked on it until midnight last night. Yeah. It was super-fun.
I also have: a Psych. exam Thursday (haven't started studying yet), a Soils lab due Monday (haven't started it), a paper due Monday for Interdisciplinary Arts (the problem with this one is that the prof. said to check on Blackboard, which is like....a course organizer/communication tool, I guess you could say?...Anyway, he's not exactly computer-literate, and he hasn't 'activated' the course yet in Blackboard, so there's no way to get any info for the course. I've emailed him twice about it, and he hasn't responded. I'm actually thinking maybe he doesn't know how to check his email....yikes), and two reports due for GIS. And that's just through the next 7 days. Thank goodness Fall break is coming up!
Enough about school. Moving on.
I plan on doing a sort of "my week in pictures" post sometime this evening, since I've been a little on the wordy side lately. Sorry 'bout that. I also want to share a little collection I started at the beginning of the semester. "Of what?", you ask. Well, you shall see!
Now I'm off to Starbucks. I've already had way too much coffee today (HA! No such thing!), but I'm starving and I don't really have many option for food on campus, so coffee will have to do. Anyway, its cheaper. Don't forget to come back later and see my week in pictures!

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