Saturday, September 20, 2008

So, yeah...

Whew. I am so glad this week is over. Well, its not really over for ME, since I never get a real 'week-end' but still. I know I got an A on my Lit. quiz, and I think I did well on my Stats exam. Unless of course I only thought I knew what formulas to use, and I actually had it all screwed up....which is a possibility. But I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that maybe I did OK. Haha.

There really hasn't been too much going on around here, besides school-work and job-work. I went to bed by 9:30 last night (no joke) and got up around 6 this morning so I could work on a group project for Psych. I always do my best work at like, 5 a.m. for some strange reason. Its all downhill after about lunchtime, though, haha!

Enough of all that; I really don't want this to turn into a whine-about-school blog (like it sort-of did last year..sorry!). I haven't had time to do any drawing lately, so it looks like there won't be a Sept. zine....I'm thinking a combined Sept/Oct. zine might be in order. Anyway, October is a much more interesting month than September, don't you think?

On the store- front, I have actually been selling out of the Quiet shop this week, which is nice. It gives me great joy to share my treasures with other people, and to know that other people appreciate and find beauty in the same things that I do.

It also occured to me that my Crack the Sky storefront finally has the 'unified' look I was looking for a few months ago. I think my style has evolved to a point where its easily identifiable (at least to my eye), which lends itself to a neat, tidy-looking Etsy storefront. I'm really hoping that I'll be able to squeeze in some drawing time coming up soon, and maybe even some gocco time! I have lots of ideas, I just don't have enough hours in the day! (And actually, if there were more hours in the day, I don't think I'd have the energy to use them, so there ya go).

There has been a lot of this going on lately:

She's finally starting to calm down some and act more like a cat than a kitten. Although she's still itty-bitty (which is what I call her most of the time). I love the cross-eyed-in-love look on her face, and how her head is all squished on my desk. See, I was sitting in my desk chair (where I am right now), and she put herself there. She has been so lovable lately! She literally jumps into my lap, throws herself down, and purrs.... then she gets up, repositions, throws herself against me, and purrs some more. And then, she comes to her senses and bites the crap out of my hands. Yeah, she's definitely still a kitten.

Ooh, last night I was in bed by 7:00, so I popped in the first disc of Carnivale, which arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Awesome!! I don't get HBO, so I had never seen it before. After just one episode, I was hooked! I watched the second episode right after that, and now I'm mad because I'll have to wait a while before the second disc comes! I'm also soooo disappointed that this show got cancelled!! I think I'm in love. Seriously, I had a dream last night about the yellow dress Sophie wears in the first episode.... I was wearing that dress to a "prom" at college. Hahaha. It was a disturbing dream....I'm sooo glad there are no more proms to go to!!

Ha, I can't believe this is still on my computer. This was my senior prom! Hard to believe that's almost 6 years ago! That was my date, Philipp, on the left. He was the exchange student. And that's Bobby, his host-brother and one of my best friends, on my right. Bobby's getting married in December! Boy, time flies. Philipp is coming to the wedding, of course, so maybe we can take an updated picture like this one?! Haha!

Ok, this post is just getting too long! I have to go to work at 11:00 today, so you'll probably hear from me again tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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