Tuesday, September 16, 2008

*)(&%$^&**%$#@%%$ !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I am having somewhat of a breakdown. Today has been so helter-skelter! I'm beginning to feel really....lost. That's the only way I can describe it. All of my classes are getting close to having exams, but I feel like I haven't really learned anything yet, especially in my Psych. class. I need to figure out a better strategy for studying for that class. The prof's teaching style just isn't getting to me. Also, I have a Stats. vocab quiz at 5:00 today; and I have no idea what chapters/sections its on. In class last Thursday the prof. said to check the syllabus. Well, the syllabus is online and IT WON'T OPEN. Actually, it DOES open; its just a pile of encrypted jargon. He saved it as a .ZIP file; but even after I extract it its still unlegible. I emailed him a minute ago to find out what sections the quiz is on; but he doesn't usually check his email or reply. So....yeah. I feel really, really discombobulated.

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  1. Ugh! Hate that too!! I'm sorry! :( I saw online that there is a pen that records your prof lecturing while you're writing notes! Up to 2 hours I think!

    Here's a link... but I'm sure there are more!


    Good luck!


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