Monday, September 15, 2008

Falling into Fall...

Well, it looks like its finally going to cool off a little around these parts. Yesterday was soooo hot! I think it was in the mid-90s! Definitely unusual for September!
Every Autumn, I go into crazy-for-clothes-mode.... I have mixed feelings about the season. On one hand, I dread it because I know Winter is on its way; but on the other hand I love the coziness of it all - fuzzy warm sweaters, long soft scarves, knee-high socks and boots, and floppy hats. I love Fall clothes!
So you can imagine how happy I was this morning to find that Emily has re-opened her fashion-y blog, which is always a great source of sartorial inspiration. Right away, I felt a spark of Fall-fashion fervor, and set out on the great, wide Internet to find some more Autumnal pretties! I came across Mod Cloth, and I am hooked! How did I not know about this site before??
Just look at this!

I really love this coat.... I actually need a new winter coat, and this is pretty much a dream come true!

That's pretty much all I've done this morning. Really, I should be reading for my classes, and doing laundry, and working on some GIS stuff, but.... well, I just don't feel like it.Haha! I woke up with a terrible headache this morning, and the TV lamp burned out, so I've been watching the Today Show in my mom's room, with my laptop in my lap and a cup o'joe. And, I served myself breakfast in bed - Veggie and 'sausage' tofu scramble, rye toast, and a hashbrown. Mmm-mmm, good!


  1. Cute picks Veronica!! ;) I love this new site! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. ooh...I need to head over to Emily's blog and check that out! I love those dresses and THAT COAT! very cute stuff :)


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