Thursday, October 9, 2008


*Edited to add that I've decided on FREE SHIPPING within the US in both of my shops, and everything in both shops is BUY-ONE, GET-ONE half off!!!! I also reduced the shipping costs to everywhere else, so you just can't go wrong! If you've had your eye on anything, now is the time to buy!! The sale ends Nov. 1!
Wow...I have an opportunity to travel to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, for a week in January....and its for credit at school. I want to go soooooo bad! It would be the most amazing opportunity!!! It encompasses pretty much everything in my (very broad) major, Geo-Environmental Studies; and you can choose to specialize for the week in Marine Science. How perfectly awesome is that?! Except.... the cost right now is slated at $2100, if you want to s.c.u.b.a. ($1800 if you just snorkel). Um.... I don't have that much money. Actually, I don't have HALF that much money. Crap.
I need to figure out a way to go on this trip. Maybe I could step up my advertising for the Etsy shops?? I haven't been selling anything lately... I just don't have much time to promote with school and all. Maybe I could do some kind of fundraiser?
Does anyone have any experience with fundraising for a personal project? I feel really weird about flat-out asking for money... and I'm not allowed to do fundraising where I work, so.... does anyone have any ideas for how I can raise about $2000 by November?? (Ok, even if I can raise only about half of that by then, I'll be happy - I'll be saving up my paychecks, too, but I need as much as I can get!!)
(I'm working on getting a digital copy of the flyer!!)

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