Thursday, October 9, 2008


Phew. Its....6:56 a.m. here in PA. I've been up for nearly 2 hours already, studied for my GIS exam, downed 2 cups of coffee (about to go get my 3rd), and had a piece of chocolate-chip-pumpkin-spice-cake. I'd say that's a pretty accomplished far. Haha!
I just checked the weather; its supposed to be in the mid-70's today. What's up with that?? Stupid weather. Its this kind of temperature-fluctuation that makes me (literally) sick every time the seasons change. I'm not sick yet, but I definitely have the sneezes-and-sniffles. Blech. I also get extremely frusterated when the weather is chilly one day, and warm the next, because I'm so busy with school and I don't have time to play outside like I want to. I had a dream last night about my garden, that I was growing huge pumpkins, cantaloupes, and watermelons (all in the same giant hanging basket, nonetheless). It was pretty cool. I haven't even been out to my garden in over a week, and I'm kind of afraid to see how overgrown and sad it probably is.
So how do you guys like the music I added to the ol' blog? I got the idea from miss Marjorie. You can make a playlist for your blog here. I need to add a few more songs... the ones I have on there right now were very hastily added just before I was leaving for school yesterday, haha.
Alright, everyone; have a lovely day! I've got to go get ready for school!
Happy Thursday!

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