Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Day Anyway

Its terribly rainy and cooooold here today! With the wind, the high today is only supposed to be in the mid 30s! Brrrr!
But I've had a lovely couple of days so far this week. I got some of my grades from last week's exams yesterday, and its all A's so far. Yay! I also finally handed in the paperwork to declare my minor in Biology and a certificate in GIS... whew! I always knew one degree would simply not be good enough for me, the overachiever that I am. ;)
I get to submit my schedule for next semester today at 9:00. So far, all of the classes I want are still open, so I'm hoping it stays that way for just a little while longer!
I've also had a little flurry of sales since yesterday in the Quiet shop. Strange how that works, but I'm not complaining! Hopefully this trend continues! These two items are going to new homes soon:


Well, I should really hurry and leave a few minutes early this morning... Sarah Palin (yes, THE Sarah Palin) is actually speaking at my school today. I'm unimpressed.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


  1. So, how was the Sarah Palin speech? You still unimpressed?

  2. Oh yeah, I'm still unimpressed. The woman does nothing to inspire me. Now, if anyone reading this is a McCain/Palin supporter, I mean no offense: this is only my humble opinion; but... Sarah Palin just frustrates me beyond belief. I won't turn this into a rant, but I just have to say that I really, really, REALLY hope Obama wins next week. Really.


I love reading your comments! Thanks so much! xo

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