Monday, October 13, 2008

Invasion 2008

They're baaaaaaaack!

Ew. I hate ladybugs so much. I swear, I just thought to myself the other day, Hmm, that's strange; I haven't seen any swarms of ladybugs yet... maybe they're not coming this year?

I spoke too soon. I came home from the concert this morning to about 10 ladybugs on my window and curtains. I'm sure they're just the scouts, and about a gazillion more will be knocking on the door very soon.


At least I have a nice view:

The road up the mountain to my house is absolutely stunning. This is definitely the peak of the season. I should really try to take some pictures this week, before it turns all brown and yucky. Maybe tomorrow.

The concert last night was so much fun! I'm exhausted today, but I'll manage. Too bad I have class until 9:15 tonight. But that's what coffee is for, right? I'm just going to have to get used to this late-night Sunday thing, because we're going to 3 more shows before the end of November, and they're all on Sunday nights. Its totally worth it though. We always have such a blast.

Rise Against is so awesome....straight-edge, vegan, activists. Awesome.

Speaking of awesome, check out this video:

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  1. the ladybugs have invaded here too. i sort of like them though. except at night when they fly into lights and make little knocking sounds. now that is annoying...


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