Monday, November 24, 2008

Warning: Extreme Corniness and Lovey-Dovey Crap Ahead...

Warning: if your gagging reflex is very strong, don't read this post! There is some extremely corny romantic stuff ahead! ;D
Well, once again, its been awhile since I last visited my little blog. It has been a crazy (read: CRAZY) couple of weeks, and I'm not quite done yet. First of all, the semester is about to come crashing to an end, so I am loaded to the brim with projects, presentations, papers, and studying for finals. Next week is the last week of classes, and then its Finals Week, and then..... oh, I can't even wait for break!!
I think its high-time I shared what I've been so mum about the past 2 weeks. I am 100%, utterly and completely, head-over-heels, officially ga-ga for a certain guy... oh yeah. Totally smitten. I'm not kidding when I say that he is wonderful beyond my wildest imagination. Really.
I could go on for hours and hours, probably even days, about how wonderful he is, but for fear of the gagging and wretching that would ensue; so I'll just tell you that I went to Annapolis to hang out Friday/Saturday. It was a blast, of course. Unfortunately, it looks like Lani isn't ready to deal with all of this (and that's a really long story that I'd really rather not talk about, like, ever). But as sad as I am about that whole situation, my happiness with Donn totally eclipses anything bad. Everything is so sparkly and bright now that I have him. We are invincible together. I think we're probably going to attempt complete world domination. ;)
We wanted to spend Thanksgiving together, but since we are just so punk-rock, we've decided that are too cool for Thanksgiving on Thursday; instead we're celebrating on Wednesday (just to 'stick it to the Man', of course). So I picked up some groceries today, and he's going to the store tonight to pick up our Tofurkey (did I mention its a totally Vegan Thanksgiving?) and the cranberry sauce I forgot, and then coming straight here when he gets off work at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I'm so excited. Its going to be a great Thanksgiving!

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