Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's a picture my aunt Shannon took at Cavenders. How awesome is that? I could have spent all day looking at the different designs.
Here's me holding the pair that I ended up buying:
(That's Penny and little Gracie, carrying my purse, haha)
We're officially back into the daily grind - work, work, work. We have had a couple of afternoons off together this past week, so that was nice. Our schedules are usually pretty hectic, so when we have an afternoon or evening together (or, dare I say it, a whole day off together?!) its a big deal around here.
We were both off work Sunday (miracle of miracles), so we went to see a movie (loved it) and then spent the rest of the day at my parents' house. That was nice, since I hadn't really seen them in a few weeks.
Yesterday we had an afternoon/evening free, so we went to the laundromat (exciting!!) and Teddy graded some work while we waited. I don't think I mentioned it before, but Teddy is a Grad Assistant this summer at the school, so 'yay!' for him! I had the urge to do some cooking last night, so I made (vegan) stuffed green peppers and beer bread, which was absolutely delicious and ridiculously easy. I will be making more of that very soon!
I've had a bit of a head cold for the past week (actually, ever since my first day back to work...hmm), but I seem to be on the mend. Teddy, of course, is now starting to feel sick himself. I'm off work tomorrow, and I'm (selfishly) hoping that maybe Teddy will stay home from work, and we can have a Veronica-and-Teddy-Fun-Day.... which would probably consist of watching ESPN Sports Center and eating fresh strawberries and beer bread.

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