Saturday, December 26, 2009

Amid the havoc...

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely, wonderful Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate; or if you don't celebrate at all, I hope you had a nice weekend!). My Christmas was great. It was a little strange, because it was the first Christmas in my whole life that I didn't spend Christmas Eve night in my parents' house... Teddy and I are house/dog-sitting for our professor, so we had to go down to their house to let the dog out that night and on Christmas morning. We drove up to my parents' house around 9:00, and then started the festivities. We opened presents and played some games that we got...Apples to Apples (new favorite game!!) and Band Hero for the Wii. We totally rocked on Spice Girls!!
I hate to even talk about presents, because I really feel like Christmas is becoming more and more of a 'department store holiday', but the topic really can't be avoided. I truly do prefer to GIVE gifts more than RECEIVE, but of course I do enjoy the receiving part! I really didn't ask for anything this year because I don't really need anything (I actually need FEWER things, since I'm moving back in with my parents!), but I got some really wonderful gifts. Here are a few of the presents I got (pictures to come later):
- a netbook (eensy-weensie little laptop!), from which I am posting this very moment
- 2 gorgeous turquoise neckaces from Teddy
- a GPS, which I really didn't want, but now I'm actually kind of excited to have
- a new camera, yay!
- Fuzzy slippers, which I have been desperately in need of
- An awesome cattle bone necklace from my sister's travels to New Zealand
- A necklace handmade by my youngest sister, which I was admiring a few days before Christmas; she's sneaky!
- A new vegan cookbook from Teddy's mom
And some other stuff, all wonderful! I will have to take some pictures of the jewelry and things in the next few days, but for now we're super-busy packing up and cleaning the apartment! We have 2 days until the big move!! We're taking a little break right now so Teddy can watch the soccer game, and I can do a blog catch-up, haha. Back to work!
What did you all do for Christmas?

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