Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December

So today has been na perfect mix of procrastination and initiation. I have a big exam at 5:00 today (Historical Geology) that I just can't seem to motivate myself to study for...yet. But I spent my morning taking care of pertinent business. I called our cable and gas companies to let them know to cancel our service at the end of this month, drove my scooter to the post office and mailed some stuff, and spent some time with Teddy's mom. We walked to a thrift store but didn't find anything cool....she's walking to another thrift store that's further from here, but I decided to *try* to get some studying done. See how far that's getting me? ;)
Oh, I also emailed a few of my professors about getting some letters of recommendation for the summer internship I'm applying for, here. I've been told I have a pretty decent chance of getting in, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed about that! And!! I finally got my grad. check back yesterday, and it looks like the plan that I have made for myself is going to work out just perfectly. I just have to make it through next semester in one piece, complete a 9-credit internship over the summer, and I'll be set to go...all except for 1 class of either Chem or Physics, but I can take that in the fall at Texas. So that's great. At least now we can definitely say that its only going to be 7 months that we're living apart. Its nice to have a cap on that.
What else? I'm trying to figure out the logistics of packing up our entire apartment, PLUS a bunch of (really nice) furniture/stuff that Alexis gave us when we helped her move out of her apartment last week..... this move is just at a really bad time of the year. I hate that I can't decorate our apartment for Christmas, our first Christmas together, because we're packing everything up and driving to Texas 3 days later. Sigh.

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