Monday, November 30, 2009


I realize its after Thanksgiving, but its never too late to be thankful, is it?
Here's what I'm thankful for:
- Teddy, who I love so much I can't even say it. I realize that I still have never really told 'our story', but I fully intend to, at some later time. I'm also thankful for Teddy's mom, Julie, who is just a wonderful person whom I am really enjoying getting to know more and more.
- Our sweet, black furbaby, who loves us unconditionally and keeps our toes warm.
- My wonderful, kooky family, that is functionally dysfunctional, like every good family should be!
- My health, because I (knock on wood) haven't been really sick in a very long time, even though I was working at Walmart (a cesspool of germs) and go to college, where I am usually surrounded by people with all sorts of icky germs. Go me!
Of course, there are all sorts of day-to-day things that I am oh-so-thankful for, but those are the really big ones that I feel I simply must mention.
We had a really nice holiday. Teddy, his mom, and I drove down to Norfolk, VA to my aunt's house, and we had a giant Thanksgiving jubilee with my parents and sisters, and lots of family from all over the place. It was like a mini family reunion. The 3 of us got a hotel suite at the Marriott for only $65 (!!!!!) had a full kitchen in which I baked my vegan Thanksgiving Tofurkey. Sweet. We got to spend some time in the indoor heated pool and the HOT TUB, yay! It was just a really, really nice time, and I'm so glad I got to share it with Teddy, and that Julie was able to come and get to know some of my extended family.
Now, we're back to school for the last 2 weeks of the semester (not including finals), and then we'll be traveling for about a full month! We're going to Denver to visit Julie for a few days, then back for Finals week, then to Boston to see Teddy's sister at her new apartment for a few days, then it's Christmas with my parents, then we're driving down to Texas for Teddy's big move! I'm so proud of him for being accepted to A&M's grad program, but I'm really not looking forward to spending 7 months living 1,000 miles apart....
Well, that's about it for now...I don't have too many pictures to share, but I will very soon! TTFN!

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