Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sparkle and Shine

Lately I find myself drawn to things that sparkle, especially if they're wearable! Teddy's mom took us to a gem shop in Colorado to pick out our Christmas presents (yay!!); it was sooo hard to pick anything out because everything was so pretty!
Here are a few recent additions to my Etsy favorites:
click on the picture for a link

I feel like these would probably be my most favorite earrings ever, if I owned them. Everything about them is just perfect. Drooooool.

This necklace is really different from my 'normal' style, but there's just something about it... I think it would look really nice with a monochromatic outfit.

I love, love, loooove this ring. I wish the band was white gold instead of silver, though. Then it would be PERFECT, and I would demand that Teddy buy it for me and ask me to marry him right away. ;)

This ring is wild! I have never seen anything like it. Its just fun.

And, if I had $3,000 lying around, I would totally buy this for Teddy. This ring is him to a T (ha-ha). The red is actually fossilized dinosaur bone. How cool is that?
OK, I'm done filling my need to gaze longingly at sparklies. Now, I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for Teddy to finish grading finals so we can get some stuff done around here. We have HEAPS of recyclables to drop off, and then we're going to run some errands around town, including doing a little Christmas shopping in the cute little boutiques downtown. I've never been to them, but I drive by them every day on my way home from school, so it seems like a good time to stop in and check them out. We have to find a present for my mama.
The rest of the day will be spent cleaning house, and packing Teddy up. He hasn't packed at all, and we're leaving for TX in 12 days. Yikes.


  1. 1. I want that "wild" ring.
    2. and the flower one.

  2. 1. I want that "wild" ring.
    2. and the flower one.


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