Tuesday, December 15, 2009

400th post!

Wow, can you believe it? 400 posts! That's a lot!

Anyway, I'd love to reminisce some, but today has been, and still is, a busy, busy day. I have a Soils (yes, as in DIRT) final this evening at 8:30. I think that's entirely too late in the day to have to take an exam about anything, really, but especially pertaining to soil. Not much to look forward to there...
But, I'm kind of glad that my exam is in the evening because I've had all day to study and even get other stuff done. Teddy and I slept in until 9:00 this morning, then got up and ran errands 'til around 11:00. Teddy has (finally!!) officially chosen an apartment to move into in Texas. I went to the Post Office to send out his lease agreement this afternoon and was absolutely SHOCKED to find NOBODY waiting in line. That is the first time that has EVER happened at this Shippenburg P.O. I dread having to go there because it usually takes at least 20 minutes of waiting in line. This little treasure is on its way to Arizona now... maybe its a Christmas gift for a little girl? I think it would be a sweet gift for someone just learning to sew.

I also did a little bit of Christmas shopping this afternoon (while taking a little break from studying, of course). I'm almost done now....just have to find something for my mom. She's tough to buy for! I bought for my dad, sisters, and grandma in Colorado. Teddy is sort-of hard to buy for, too. We haven't discussed a spending cap or anything, but I told him it doesn't really matter. He knows about his main gift - my parents and I are going in halves to get him a Wii. But I like surprises, so I had to get him some more gifts, of course. And stocking stuffers.... that's the best part! I'm really excited!

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