Saturday, February 13, 2010

I love you more than cake.

All images via Flickr, from top to bottom: BananaGranola, Yoshiko314, Kristina Kiessig, Amarand Agassi.

Well, I started my morning off with a bang - I shattered my coffee press cup. Booooo. That made me really sad. Fortunately, my mom had already brewed a pot of coffee, so it wasn't a complete tragedy. And, has a shatterproof plastic replacement cup, which I ordered immediately AND, in order to receive "free super-saver shipping", I bought myself a little blender, too. All for only like $30. Not bad.

I plan on making up for the bad luck of this morning by making a vegan chocolate cake later today.... I'm hoping we have a heart-shaped cake pan somewhere, too, because heart-shaped cakes taste much better than regular cakes.

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