Monday, March 29, 2010

Outlook: Monday

1. Fax a SECOND application to Blinn, for a class this summer...
2. Request transcripts from Ship....again
3. Classes 2:00 - 6:15
4. Schoolwork tonight
5. Mock job interview tomorrow morning for seminar
6. Help Sabrina with her FAFSA!!
7. Start going through my stuff and getting ready for The Big Move....I'm thinking now that I'm just not going to take much with me...I've been living without much of the stuff that's packed up for so long, because...well, it's been packed up! I can live without it for a while longer, right?? I'm thinking I'll just take the bare necessities, since most of my belongings are in TX already anyway...and just fly down. We'll leave Daisy with my parents for the summer, and have her flown down to us toward the end of summer. I think.

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