Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back to the griiiiind

Well, I'm back from Texas... it was a very successful trip! Its late, so I will try to pop back in tomorrow with all of the details. Let's just say that I have a looooottttt of work to do.

I went shopping for some field clothes with Pat today, since we start a Field Techniques course this week. I discovered that childrens' outdoor clothing (Columbia, North Face, etc.) fits me much better than womens' sizes! And, they're muuuuch cheaper!! I'm going to the Columbia outlet tomorrow to see if I can score some cheap kids' pants, haha. I got a bunch of great stuff at Marshalls - a lightweight UV-protection Columbia jacket for only $24, and the most comfortable clothing in the entire world (no joke). I got yoga pants (not that I do yoga) and a great, lightweight long-sleeved shirt that is anti-microbial, sweat-wicking, UV-protecting, and all-around awesome. Ooh, and I got some new hiking shoes!
I bought the kids' size, and they were only $39 as compared to $99 for the exact same pair of shoes in womens' sizes! Sweeeet.

I really do enjoy being petite! :)

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