Thursday, May 27, 2010


Having a lazy afternoon, lounging in bed with fuzzy wuzzies like this little guy. Apparently we're keeping little Cosmo. All of his brothers and sisters found homes with lovely people, but my sister just fell in love with Cosmo, and so have we all, so it looks like (s?)he's here to stay. It seems that little Cosmo prefers my bed...

I have been SOOO exhausted yesterday and today - its just so darn HOT, and being out in the field for a few hours each morning just sucks the energy right out of me! Yesterday after class I ended up hauling lumber for Dr. C (yes, literally carrying stacks of 2x4s) for a project he's doing at the elementary school on campus. I was the only girl there, and I'm rather small. I'm pretty strong though, and I don't mind getting my hands dirty. It was so hot though, so I think I'm still recovering.

In hot weather, I can't even fathom eating savory foods - I want fresh fruit, cool salads, and sparkling water. I went strawberry picking on Tuesday, so I've been having homemade fruit smoothies every day this week! Strawberry-mango-blueberry is my favorite right now.

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