Monday, May 24, 2010

I Love the Ocean, and a few other things.

I realized, for no real reason today, that I have an overabundance of books about ocean-y things. I mean, of course I'm not totally shocked because I have always been a little obsessed with the ocean, but I didn't realize until today how overwhelmingly aquatic my tendencies are! And, as I'm writing this, I'm wearing a tshirt from Pennekamp. It has a diver and an octopus on it. Hahaha.

This is probably my most favorite stack of books ever. Its all of my fish field guides, my Chesapeake Bay field guide (one of the best field guides ever, in my opinion), my actual field books from various field work I've done, and a bunch of Ray Troll books. Love.

See the ship peeking out from behind my basket of feathers and Physics for Dummies book? haha!
I love books!

After class today I went shopping for a birthday present for my friend Mary. Her birthday was on Friday, but we made plans to hang out tomorrow afternoon so I'm giving her her presents then. I found the most perfect gift for her! (Don't peek, Mary!) It suits her in so many ways, hehe.

I also picked up the cutest lip balm in the entire world.
It was a 2 pack, plus it came with the cute bunny-girl lid keychain thing. And, its delicious: strawberry-banana AND carrot cake! Mmm!

I also picked up a new toy for my doggies, although they won't play together like they're supposed to. Daisy is too submissive most of the time so when Duffy has it and wants her to chase him, she just gives up. She did get it for a little while, and then fell asleep on my bed cuddling with it.

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