Monday, May 3, 2010

Its only 7:30 on a Monday morning....

...and I'm already taking a break from studying!!
I've been looking over my GIS notes for about an hour now, and its time for another cup of coffee and a little break so my brain can absorb all of the stuff I've read over! Ugh. This is my only cumulative final, and its going to be a doozy.

Look what my friend Pat found in her yard yesterday! How adorable is that? She actually found 2, and one still had its little egg-tooth! Sooooo cuuuuute!! She put them in the pool (on top of the pool cover), which is pretty much a pond right now and has about 2 million tadpoles living in it right now, too.

Its an icky, rainy day here. I think its supposed to clear up by noon, but I wish the sun would come out NOW. Cloudy rainy days make me sleepy; I just want to curl up in my cozy bed with my doggies (who are already curled up here and waiting for me snuggle with them!).

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