Sunday, May 30, 2010

Out and about

Today is a beautiful day, and I had some serious cabin fever, so I went for a nice walk at a local park. It was so pretty! I saw a big woodpecker, but he flew away before I could get a picture.

Next, I went to the other side of town to another park that I haven't been to in YEARS! There's a little pond there with lots of little fish in it.

And apparently one BIG carp!
And then, I went to the Goodwill and found the best thing ever!! I have been looking everywhere for a couple of weeks for a doughnut pan, and haven't been able to find one anywhere! So when I saw one sitting on a shelf, I literally gasped and snatched it up! So when I got home, I just had to try out a vegan doughnut recipe, and voila! Little mini doughnuts!
And last, here's a pretty peony I picked from the garden yesterday. My favorite!

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