Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, my day got a little better as it went on. I find that I feel much less anxious and stressed when I'm at school....isn't that strange? I would think the opposite would be true for most people, but for me, its when I'm at home that I really start to freak out.  I think its because I'm very focused on the task at hand when I'm at school, and at home I tend to have more distractions and time to think about things. I think its a very good thing that I will be busy all summer. It will give me some time to clear my head.

Anyway, I got some important stuff done today. I love crossing items off of my list! Today, I:
 1. Went to the bank
2. Requested transcripts ONE LAST TIME (this one with updated grades for this semester)
3. Got my internship paperwork all taken care of
4. Took my Latin America final (ehhhh), only one more to go (tomorrow)!
5. Bought some mailers to ship out my sold textbooks
6. Put gas in my car
7. Drank some Tazo Passion tea
8. Started studying for tomorrow's final - last one!!!
9. got an email from my friend Katie in Austin - I'm really excited to hang out while I'm in Texas next week!
10. And, I picked a poppy from my yard and put it in a vase on my dresser. One flower can really brighten up a room!
Here's an olddd picture (2008!) of some pretty flowers I picked from my garden...

Well, I suppose all-in-all it has been an OK day. I still feel a little bummed-out but I have adopted a new mantra for times when I feel super-panicky about everything:
This will pass.
Because it will. I repeat it to myself when my heart starts pounding, and my face gets flushed, and sure enough, it does pass. I'll survive. Its OK. Sometimes I talk to myself after that (everybody does it, so don't laugh!) - about everything that I have accomplished because of MY skills/intelligence/talents, whatever. I did these things. And I can and WILL continue to be successful, with or without him. I don't question my abilities to succeed, sometimes its just hard to go through the day. But when I think about and list-out (or say aloud) all of my achievements or things I'm proud of about myself, then I feel much better about going through my day. Alone. But OK.

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