Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This morning, I just feel like I want to die. OK, not literally, but I'm feeling pretty bad. He emailed me very briefly yesterday to ask if I have one of his books. That's the first I've heard from him in about 3 weeks. I was pretty messed up after that. Then I dreamt about him all night (like always), and I just feel terrible when I wake up in the morning. Nervous, anxious, sad, angry....everything.

I have to study for my Latin America exam today - the exam isn't until 3:30 this afternoon so I have plenty of time to study and maybe even take a few breaks in between.

The good news is that I sold a textbook on Amazon today. Yay.

Sorry to be so gloomy. Maybe I will stop back by later and blog something that is a little bit happier.

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