Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I dumped my camera card today...here are some pictures from the past week or so that I forgot I took!

This was in the wheel-well of my dad's truck! So pretty.
And, apparently its time to clean out/open the pool...these ducks think that it is a pond.
Here's the crap I had in my purse last week. Kind of a random assortment of stuff.
Wallet, iPod, mini sticky notes, Oskri coconut bar, a pen, cell phone, hand lotion, a waterproof field notebook (still blank!), and THREE chapsticks. Pink grapefruit (VS PINK), Tangerine (Down to Earth), Peppermint (Burt's Bees).

What do you lug around with you all day? 

I've had an awesome day so far! I had an assessment (read: NOT an exam, it was just an assessment of my overall experience in my major for my Seminar class!) at 8:00 this morning. My sister and I both finished our 8 a.m. stuff by like 9:00, so we went to Target to get some stuff (I got some glittery nail polish, but I'm still searching for the PERFECT kind), and went to Panera Bread for lunch. Mmmm it was so good and the girl there was super-helpful figuring out what was vegan AND she dug-out some soymilk for my coffee! Thanks, Panera Bread girl! Then, we went back to campus and sat outside on the big Adirondack chairs on the lawn. We were out there for about 1/2 hour, I think. I got a sunburn. Its time to start carrying my sunscreen with me! Oi.

I had my Computers final at 1:00. Easy. Done by 1:25, so sister and I went to the thrift store down the street from campus. She bought matching sheets to the ones that I bought there last week, haha.

Now, I'm waiting to hear back from my friend about maybe going to grab a beer at Good-ta-Go later this evening - that would be a perfect way to finish out the day. I have my Latin America final at 3:30 tomorrow, and Econ. at 1:00 on Thursday, then I'm DOOOOOOONE. Awesome.

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