Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Wow, this is my 500th post.... and, unfortunately, I don't have anything exciting planned. I don't know, 500 just kind of snuck up on me! So maybe I'll try to do something fun for, like, 515 or something. Hmmm....

Yesterday was a busy (good) day. I went to campus to do some work only to find out that a construction crew working somewhere on campus had knocked out the power to 2/3 of the buildings on campus, including mine. No electricity also means no internet access. Awesome. Luckily the library still had power (and internet) so Dr. C and I worked in the library for a while, and then we started playing with our brand new GPR. That thing is pretty awesome; I think we're going to keep playing with it today.

I talked to Dr. C about my ever-evolving plans for this coming semester/year.... I think that I am arriving at a solid decision. I don't want to say too much about it just yet because I haven't worked out 100% of the details, but I think I'm comfortable with the way that things are looking. This is good.

Today, I'm going back to campus to do some "work", aka play with expensive new gadgets and drink coffee, and then I've been enlisted to help build something over at the campus elementary school. Remember a week or two ago when I was hauling wood? Still working on that project apparently, though today I was told I just have to "nail stuff and hold stuff", and no more hauling wood. Good


  1. Is this what geologists do?

    Sounds like an interesting career !

  2. Sure, this is definitely a part of what Geologists do. Geology is such a broad field, its hard to sum it all up in one general statement haha. This definitely makes the situation in Afghanistan (even more) interesting, doesn't it?


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