Saturday, June 5, 2010


I hate waiting.
I have been waiting all day long. Waiting to hear back from a couple of different people about different things, waiting for it to be 7:00 so its time to leave for Harrisburg... waiting, waiting, waiting!
OK, backstory - I believe I mentioned a few days ago that I have a little crush on a boy. Well, I decided, what the heck. Throw the ball in his court, and see if he takes the bait! So I did that yesterday, and now I'm waiting to see if he takes the bait or not! Ugh! So frustrating! I mean, I know he at least thinks I'm interesting... so, I'm just hoping he thinks I'm interesting enough to want to go out sometime. We'll see!

And, I'm spending the evening in Harrisburg with some of my friends tonight - going to a bar that they said is really cool, and then we're staying in a hotel that's right on the river. Yay! It'll be nice to go out and do something -completely unrelated to school- with friends!

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