Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy, pretty

I have no idea why, but I feel happy today. I know that sounds....odd, but there have been few days lately that I actually felt happy. Mostly, I feel kind of anxious and just...getting through. But I was in a good mood today, and really didn't feel anxious much, if at all! Yay, me!

School was kind of fun today... we were at the field site, and working in small groups on different projects. I just recorded stream discharge data at our reach of the stream (we're Team Bravo!). I really like working in very small groups, making friends, and getting to know people better. Things get messy when 15 people try working on a project, or even 5-6 people. Yuck. But anyway, it was nice being out in nature. It was a drizzly, grey morning, and there were lots of little frogs jumping around, and a big heron eating out of the stream.... cool stuff.

In other news, I'm really happy because, quite shockingly, my heart isn't completely broken- I am happy to say that I have recently developed a little crush on a boy. I'm not doing anything about it for obvious reasons (#1, I'm moving halfway across the country pretty soon, and other reasons), but it comes as a big relief all the same. Maybe my heart is only dented, and not broken? Anyway, he's just really cute, and I find him very interesting... I think if I wasn't leaving in a few weeks I would pursue this, but... ah, well.

And now, here are some pictures (all from We Heart It) that I think are really pretty.

I need a big floppy hat like that....
Weird...and cool!

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