Friday, July 16, 2010

Happiness... the palm of my hand!

I love-love-LOVE tiny little books... and Hello Kitty! Oh, perfection.
I stopped in at Borders today for an Italian soda, and I just couldn't not buy it!

I went to a thrift store that I've only been to once before, and I got some great stuff! They had TONS of vintage dresses, and lots in small sizes! Yay! I only bought 3 though. I also got a few things for the shop, so you can expect some new things in there soon!

This is the perfect page for today -

We really need the rain! It was soooo hot and humid all day, and then all of the sudden it got really cloudy and the rain just poured down! But that only lasted for a little while, and its not raining anymore...but its still thundering. My dogs (plus 1 cat and 2 kittens - one of which is sleeping on my shoulder) are all huddled on my (TWIN) bed with me right now. Hilarious.

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  1. i'm following, thanks for stopping by my shop!

  2. thanks for stopping by my shop!


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