Monday, August 2, 2010


I called the owner of the $20 bike, and I'm going to see it tomorrow!! I couldn't really tell from the picture, but it looked to be in pretty good condition... no visible rust or anything, and nice shiny chrome. The woman said its an 'older bike' (I'm guessing 70s) and there's no rust or anything! Its a Ross Central Park... I'm so stoked!

Its exactly what I had in mind... nothing fancy, just a classic bike for cruisin'. The woman on the phone called it a "campground bike" - love it!

I already have big plans for this bike... it just screams "Surf City" to me. It totally  needs a basket, a new seat, and some new grips.
Grips by Electra
Seat by Electra

And I'm really diggin' this basket!!

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