Monday, August 2, 2010

Be still, my heart!

I think I'm in love. A bamboo bicycle with not 1, but TWO wicker baskets??
Why do I get the feeling I can't afford this dreamboat?
But, I sent an email anyway, just to find out how much he's asking. That is very seriously my dream bike.

**Update** As I'm typing this, I just got an email from the guy about the bamboo bike... he wants $500 for it. Oh man. I definitely don't have that...but if I did, I would sooooo scoop that up!!!

Well, that's OK. Pickins are slim on my local Craigslists, but I did find a $20 bike that's only about an hour from here.... I'm thinking about going to check it out tomorrow.... I don't know why bicycle fever has hit me so hard all of the sudden, I just have a crazy feeling that I neeeeed to ride a bike! I don't really even have a place to ride.... I live on top of a mountain, and the towns around here aren't really all that bike-friendly... I'd probably end up just doing rails-to-trails and stuff like that.

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