Friday, August 6, 2010

First successful bike ride!

Sabrina and I didn't make it to Harpers Ferry today (we sort of got a late start), but we did go to a state park that's just a few minutes away from our house. We just biked around the campground a little, and then down to the pond.

Don't mind my goofy face....

Isn't my sister adorable??

 We got tired of the campground roads after a while, so we drove down the highway a little to a new-ish city park that we'd never been to before. This is our new favorite place to ride! It has LOTS of paved bike trails, and its really pretty! We were shocked that it was such a nice park! And pretty close to home, too.

There are some old railroad cars there on display, so we climbed up and I took this picture of our bikes. I thought they looked cute.
 We're going to our baby sister's Band Camp family picnic this evening, then I think we're going to go to a Ranger presentation about extinction tonight at the state park. Awesome day! 

I made a .gif of Sabrina jumping off of a bridge, haha

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